From the Tank

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From the Tank is a delicious Côtes du Rhône that is economical & ecological, & lasts for a month once opened! Côtes du Rhône in a 3 Liter box (the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine). More Green than Glass !
3 Liter bag-in-box is the most carbon efficient wine package & produces the least waste - with a 55% lower carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles in terms of energy needed for glass production and transportation, and 85% less landfill waste. Paperboard is easily recycled.
Lighter weight means reduced fossil fuel emissions.

The light weight makes "From the Tank" perfect for a picnic, a party, or simply to carry home and put in the refridgerator.

Bag-in-boxes last up to one month once opened, if stored in the refrigerator.
The vacuum sealed pack inside the box keeps the wine fresh, so that you can drink a glass a night and avoid the waste that would come from a traditional bottle (ie regular glass bottles go bad in a few days).

From the Tank red wine / From the Tank white wine.
From The Tank, 3 liter bag-in-box

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